Race Report: August 2019

Race Report: August 2019

In another busy month for Sarn Helen Running Club, senior and junior members continue to take part in a wide range of challenges, supporting events across the region, encouraging participation at all levels and achieving fabulous results.

Poppit Sands Series (2) 6th August 2019

In the second of the Poppit Sands series, held on 6th August 2019, Sarn Helen’s Dafydd Lloyd continued a strong season with a time of 18:30 in the seniors’ races, and was 2nd male in the YTM category and 7th overall. Closely behind Irfon Thomas achieved 19:36; Mark Rivers, 19:42 and 3rd male in the OM category; Steffan Thomas, 20:36; Eleri Rivers, 23:41 and 1st in the F45 category; Delyth Crimes, 23:55, 2nd in the F45 category; Marc Davies, 24:13; Hayden Lloyd, 26:06; Carol Rees, 26:13; Helen Willoughby, 26:56; Liz Pugh, 27:24, and Sian Bela Jenkins, 28:26. Sarn Helen juniors achieved excellent times, with Harri Rivers (B13) recording 09:52; Non Crimes (G10) 10:57 and Steffan Rivers B10 13:13.

Ras Myddfai, 9 August 2019

Glyn Price, a familiar face leading the field in challenging trail and fell, achieved first male in the 8-mile Ras Myddfai on 9th August 2019, with a cracking time of 54:42. Continuing strong performances, Irfon Thomas achieved 56:55; Mark Rivers, 57:28; Carwyn Davies, 58:13; Steffan Thomas, 59:09; Eleri Rivers, 66:10; Nicola Williams, 73:17; Dawn Kenwright, 74:58 and Sian Bela Jenkins, 84:15. In the 5-mile race, Jane Holmes achieved a time of 59:39:00 and Rachel Stoddart, 61:48:00. Sarn Helen junior, Harri Rivers recorded a time of 17:21 with 2nd boy in the U14, with brother Steffan Rivers achieving 20:11.

Poppit Sands Series (3) 20th August 2019

Leading the Sarn Helen field in the third, and final, Poppit Sands series for 2019, Dafydd Lloyd achieved a time of 18:36 with 3rd in the YTM category. Hot on his heels, all recording fast times on challenging surfaces Irfon Thomas recorded a time of 19:16; Mark Rivers, 19:29 and 1st M40; Steffan Thomas, 19:36; Jonathan Price, 20:50; Eric Rees, 22:46; Eleri Rivers, 23:10 and 2nd F45; Owen Mc Conochie, 23:12; Mitchell Readwin, 23:39; Delyth Crimes, 23:47, 3rd F45; Marc Davies, 24:27; Haydn Lloyd, 24:57; Nia Venville, 25:20 and 3rd OF; Nicola Williams, 26:00; Carol Rees, 26:10 and Sian Bela Jenkins, 27:44. In the juniors, Eva Davies was 2nd girl overall and 1st girl in the G10 category with a time of 09:43. Christopher Readwin recorded a great time of 10:54, followed by Steffan Rivers with 12:40.

Ras y Dewin, 17 August 2019

On 17 August 2019, in the midst of the Cwrtycadno annual show, Ras y Dewin took place in the very green and hilly locality. A truly rural and scenic 4.7 mile fell race, 95% off-road and with elevation of around 800 feet, it is characterised by a 2 mile climb followed by 2.5 miles of downhill. Crossing a ‘few’ streams to navigate, and the River Cothi to cross (or for some, almost swim!) before arriving at the show field. Exclusive prices included a watermelon for 1st prize and pineapple for 2nd. At home in the fields, woods and waterways of Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion, Sarn Helen members attacked the route with enthusiasm, with Mark Rivers 1st overall and 1st male achieving a time of 40:34; Dee Jolly, 2nd overall and 1st lady with a time of 40:50; Glyn Price with 40:52; Nigel Davies, 41:34; Steffan Thomas, 41:44; Murray Kisbee, 48:13; Huw Price, 50:51; Nicola Williams, 61:12 and Nicola Davies, 75:13.

Brechfa Half Marathon and 10k, 17 August 2019

Tough Runner returned to the Brechfa forestry for their second series of races on 17 August 2019. A popular, challenging route incorporating bridges, long climbs and a mix of forestry terrain, Eirwyn Roberts achieved 3rd in M30-39 category with a time of 01:40:32; followed by George Eadon at 01:47:17; Alexander Price, 01:58:11; Sian Roberts-Jones, 02:07:26; Enfys Needham-Jones, 02:44:03 and Jane Holmes, 03:08:05.

St Clears 10k, 18 August 2019

In the TROTS St Clears 10k on 18 August 2019, Sarn Helen’s Carwyn Thomas achieved a time of 00:46:50; Tomos Morgans, 00:46:50; Eric Rees, 00:49:40 and Carol Rees, 00:56:35. The popular course, with a field of 160 runners starting and finishing in St Clears has a maximum elevation gain of around 400ft.