Teifi 10 Race Day Instructions

As race day is approaching and we are making our final preparations I’m sure you too will be starting to plan your day. Please read the following instructions carefully to make sure your day goes as smooth as possible, leaving you plenty of time to prepare for, and enjoy the race itself.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank our event sponsors Lloyds Dairy Centre Ltd., Simon Hall Meats Ltd., Cwtsh Y Ci and Princes Gate for supporting our event and to all the club members, marshals and their families for their time and support in making the event happen.


You are able to enter the event either on the day or online. Online entries will remain open until registration close. The registration desk opens at 09:00 and will close at 10:30 on the day.
Please remember, once you have your race number you must complete your emergency contact information on the back of the number before you attach it to the Front of your vest. You must ensure that your number is clearly visible at all times during the race. Failure to display your number clearly could result in you not receiving a time.
Please follow the instructions below on race day depending on whether you have pre-entered or are entering on the day.


If you have pre-entered the race online, please proceed to the registration area on the ground floor inside the Rugby Club. Locate the “Pre-Entries” desk to collect your race number.

Race day entries

Those that would like to enter on the day will need to allow a little more time than those who have pre-entered. Remember, online entries will remain open so you can still enter online at registration. Registration will be located on the ground floor of the Rugby Club, look for the “Registrations” sign.

The Race

UK Athletics Licence Number: 2024-47719


The race will start at 11:00am on Sunday March 31st 2024. The race will start some 100yds down the side road next to the Rugby Club in Lampeter. Please do not park on the side-road next to the Rugby Club, we need to make sure it is kept clear to avoid congestion at the start of the race. There is space to park in the rugby club car park and also if you continue down the road there is a large area to park down by Gwili Jones Tractors.


The race finishes in the same location as previous years inside rugby club grounds, along the edge of the rugby field. This will be clearly marked, and runners should follow the markers and tape to the finish line.

Race Briefing

The race briefing will take place at 10:50 at the race start location. (see map)

Water Stops

There will be two locations for water along the 10-mile route, the first at mile 3 and the other at mile 8.

UK Athletics Rules

We would like to draw your attention to the following UK Athletics rules:
Rule T55 S5 The use of headphones is not permitted by the Welsh Athletics and due to the event taking place on open roads, it would not be safe to run with headphones.
Rule T55 S7 We will not permit runners to run with buggies or pushchairs.

The Course

In case you didn’t already know, the route is exactly 10-miles! It is a certified accurate measured course. The route starts by taking you through the streets of Lampeter before heading out on a quiet, scenic country road up the Teifi valley to Llanfair Clydogau where you will cross the river and return to Lampeter on the opposite side of the river.
Please remember that the roads will not be closed, and common sense must be used while running on the roads. There will be traffic so please be careful. We have many friendly and helpful marshals along the way to guide you and to help with the traffic. Please respect our marshals and please follow their instructions to ensure your safety.
The course itself will be marked with arrows and tape. The race will be led by an opening bicycle and will be closed with a closing vehicle.
Should you need to pull out of the race for any reason, please notify one of our marshals so that we know not to send out a search party.
Please note that there is a cut-off time of 1 hour at Llanfair Bridge (approx. half way) and a cut off of 2 hours at the finish.